After being shot three times a brave police K9 fights for his life

Police K9s work hard at their duties and occasionally put their own lives in danger to be loyal to their colleagues. K9 Huk is a courageous Jacksonville Sheriff’s Office (JSO) member who recently required emergency vet treatment.

K9 Huk was merely doing his job when he was shot three times by a suspect, thus the community has dubbed him a hero. Huk is doing well after more than a week of healing. Huk’s human coworkers feel that his training and fast thinking saved his life.

Huk has assisted the JSO’s SWAT unit with several difficult missions, including apprehending a murder suspect and an armed hostage taker. The powerful pup was unstoppable until a recent incident put him in serious condition.

Officers released Huk after a standoff with three armed suspects following a vehicle wreck and a gunfight near the Jacksonville Zoo. One of the accused fired three shots at Huk, striking him three times. Jacksonville cops opened fire as soon as the suspect discharged their pistol at the dog.

Two of the suspects died, although the cause of death has not been determined. The third gave up and was taken to the hospital. They were later charged with methamphetamine possession. It’s unclear whether the person who escaped was the one who shot Huk.

Huk suffered serious injuries and had to be evacuated to First Coast Veterinary Emergency for treatment.

“I couldn’t be more proud of the officers on scene and that, you know, they provided a great, a great service to Huk — and all the support staff from aviation all the way down to the veterinarian office that is taking care of him,” said Matthew Casey, a police trainer.

Huk was stable following his operation, but he still had a long way to go. He suffered orthopedic and soft tissue damage throughout his body. Following deeper assessment, he had several surgical operations. He is now on pain medication while he relaxes and regains strength. He’s used to looking after others, but now it’s his turn to be looked after.

Huk’s condition is being monitored by First Coast Veterinary Emergency. He’s not thrilled with the “cone of shame,” but he’s making great strides. To assist improve his spirits, the staff members have lavished him with love, attention, and fresh air.

“In the wee hours of the night, Huk cozied up to one of our nurses and slipped in a kiss!” First Coast Veterinary Emergency wrote in an update. “The nurses and doctors at First Coast Vet are known to give more than just medical care to their patients. They give them security and make them feel at home. They take time out of their busy day and night to snuggle them!”

Huk will continue to rest for as long as he needs to. Fortunately, he has many people who adore and support him. Despite all that has happened to him, he remains cheerful.

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