Adorable video shows a 6-month-old horse desperately trying to befriend the “Boss Mare”

We’ve all seen a movie where the amiable lead character ultimately triumphs against the bitter, lonely lead’s love. The story of friendship and perseverance is an old one, but it probably isn’t as prevalent in real life as movies would have us believe. One mother, though, is witnessing a similar narrative between her foal and the “boss mare” take place.

Earlier this week, the TikTok user @carlysue1617 posted a video of her foal, Molly, attempting to make friends with the mare Lola who has been isolated from the other horses due to being unkind. Despite a few rejections, Molly persevere in her efforts to make friends with Lola from the other side of the fence! Watch the video to watch Molly’s charming courtship of Lola.

@carlysue1617 Molly just trying to make a new friend… and Lola wants no part of it… yet 🤣🤷🏻‍♀️ #bossmare #filly #weanling #thoroughbred #iceicebaby #iceicemolly #ReTokforNature #girlpower #Badgirl ♬ Zou Bisou Bisou – Gillian Hills

Wow, this is really sweet. We adore the way Molly didn’t give up on Lola even though she knew Lola did not want to be friends with her. Although Lola hasn’t yet acceded to Molly’s efforts to befriend her, we are aware that it is just a matter of time. Who could rest the adorable face of that foal?

In the comments, others praised Molly for her interest in making new friends. Molly recognizes that Lola is a really great horse and wants to learn from the best! @macbrownie4 wrote, “I definitely need more Molly and Lola content in my life, this is the best thing ever,” and @okiebrown added, “She knows power when she sees it. Molly wants to learn.” 

Others found it amusing how Lola’s other horses, who had previously coped with her nasty demeanor, just sat back and watched it all happen. One commenter, @asherblade, said,  ‘LOL, the rest of them are just sitting there like, “I got the popcorn just here for the show.”’  Another, @seppisunflower, remarked, ‘Peanut gallery is like “Whose kid is this? Someone needs to warn her. You do it, no you do it… Nah let’s just watch.”’ 

The owner of Molly and Lola published a second video showcasing one of their near meets. Though she still seems hesitant to accept Molly’s friendship, Lola appears to be intrigued by the foal. Check out the video below to see how this connection transpired.

@carlysue1617 Replying to @macbrownie4 ♬ Let Me Love You – DJ Snake

Wow, this definitely appears to be a positive step! We hope that Molly and Lola have a magical friendship as their happily ever after. They could possibly continue getting to know one another under their owner’s watchful eye until Lola warms up to her new friend.