Adorable rarity: a black bear casually join the picnic and ordered PB&J Sandwiches

A strange and lovely story happened in the remote woodlands of Maryland when a large black bear decided to join a party with a group having a picnic here.

A black bear is seen sitting on a corner of the party in the amazing video Kaitlyn Nesbit shared on TikTok.

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One of the men fed him a peanut butter sandwich out of his hand while he waited quietly and patiently for it.

Nesbitt was one among the bystanders, gasping in shock as they observed the incident in Deep Creek close to where her family is renting a home.

Screenshot via Youtube

The group kept preparing sandwiches for the bear who was seated next to them and acting as though he were a member of the group.

Nesbitt said, ‘This was a friend’s cabin and they said that the bear is always around and never really bothers them,’

‘Some of our group are used to being out in the wild so we were all told to not make sudden movements and stay where we were.’

After coming out of the trees in search of food, the bear joined the group of four men and a woman who were enjoying a picnic at the woodlands.

While cautiously observing the hungry bear waiting to be handed food, the party was relaxing with a drink and some munchies.

One of the guys made the decision to get a loaf of bread while indicating with his finger that the bear should wait while he makes the sandwich, exactly like you would instruct a dog.

Screenshot via Youtube

When the meal is done, the guy brings it out in front of the bear, who carefully removes it from his grasp.

Nesbit added, ‘Eventually the momma just walked back into the woods unharmed,’.