Adorable moment: The Toddler throws his hat happily to run to his father more quickly

Babies are always little angels full of joy and carefree. There are many things that can make them happy and excited. For example, for this boy, as long as his father comes home, it is a great joy for him.

The adorable video of her son running to welcome his father home was shared by Alexis Hatter, the baby’s mom.

When the child heard his truck driver father come home, he immediately took off running. Mom also wants you to notice the cap her son is wearing. Or more specifically, “The way he chucks that hat…”

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Try the YouTube version below if you are having difficulties watching the TikTok video above:

The toddler’s tenacious hat throw won over viewers’ hearts in equal measure.

“When he threw that hat off, I lost it LOL,” said one viewer, whilst another commented, “That hat was slowing him down! So excited to see his dad!! Love it!”

 Another person remarked: “That hat was catching wind and slowing him down.”

Hatter, the baby’s mother, added the message, “Excuse the diaper, I swear we was changing the second he heard that 18 wheeler pull up.”

A truck driver added his view: “I drive a truck 5 days out of the week and nothing melts my heart more than seeing the smile on my son’s face when I walk through the door.”

In a sweet follow-up video, Hatter’s son can be seen ditching the hat in favor of some stylish “shades.” She wrote in TikTok’s description, “Now that he has become famous all over he has to have his Hollywood glasses.”

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