Adorable Golden Retriever Thinks He’s Dad To Four Baby Bunnies: Video

Cute Golden Retriever believes he is the father of four baby bunnies.

Baby Bunnies Think Their Dad Is a Golden Retriever – Grandma’s Easy Recipes

One of the purest things in the world is animal friendship.
This story is about Bailey, a stunning golden retriever who made friends with several cute bunnies.

There were many friendships between different species on the animal globe. And this incident is another more evidence of that.

Friendly Golden Retriever Bailey served as a temporary substitute father for some baby rabbits who were brought into his house.

The owner of Bailey was unsure of how he would react when four baby bunnies moved into his home, but owing to Bailey’s kind temperament, his paternal instincts took over and he started cuddling the adorable rabbits.

Goldens are such lovely, compassionate dogs.
The cutest thing ever are the small bunnies. There is so much love present that our hearts are hardly able to handle it.

He looked after the children. Despite the fact that they exert every effort with him—jumping, racing after them, pulling funny faces, etc.

It’s impossible to know what they think, but they adore their new dad, without a doubt.

He’s doing an excellent job with the four adorable and lovable baby bunnies, Golden Retrievers.

The cute infants cuddle up to Bailey, their fluffy bunny tails bopping and their tiny bunny noses twitching.

It makes perfect sense why rabbits would love their father. Bailey’s owner, Taras, asserts that his dog is destined for fame.

The rabbits behave as though having a large golden retriever as a father is completely natural and exhibit no fear of the dog.

They eventually grew up to be adult bunnies, yet they still adore and appreciate being with their father.

Four adorable rabbit kids are born via surrogate father, an adorable golden retriever.

They are incredibly lovely and caring.

We want Bailey and his bunnies to live healthier and longer lives.

We hope this lovely family lives a happy and lovely life together!

Watch the sweet moments captured in the video below: