Abandoned little wolf, grew up as cute as a dog

Nowadays, many people keep very strange, exotic animals as pets. Not only as simple as raising dogs and cats, many people also have hobbies such as raising crocodiles, snakes…

And today we will learn about Kira, a rare exotic pet, is a wolf

The mother wolf abandoned Kira when Kira was only 3 days old. Fortunately, she was saved by owner Alida.

Alida loved Kira and wanted Kira to become a normal dog, so she brought Kira home, raised and trained Kira.

Since wolves, unlike dogs, do not have a genetic predisposition to domestication, they are naturally wild animals, therefore, Kira was obviously quite challenging to subjugate.

Alida put a lot of effort into helping Kira adjust to new things. She arranges for Kira to meet the children, adults, surroundings, and other animals.

Now, Kira has been tamed a lot and doesn’t want to harm any animals.

Kira’s mother was used to have a family. However, because they were unable to care for her, she was forced to enter a nursery. She have lost all faith in people. In the identical nursery, Kira was born.

Because no one will train Kira to hunt, there is a good chance she would die if left in the wild.  Kira was hand-fed because her mother left her when she was 3 days old. When Kira was stronger, Alida took her away and gave her a milky meal. It was Kira’s first time drinking milk,

“We walked in different places so that she could study different smells, hear new sounds. Wolves have an innate neophobia, a fear of everything new. This is a very difficult process, long and tedious, but it is necessary so that Kira can live with me in an urban environment and feel comfortable.”

Alida says that as a result of Kira’s calm and moderate psyche, she does not retaliate when other dogs bite her or start her own fights. She is very cautious while dealing with youngsters, and avoids them if they are terrified of her.

Kira was taken by Alida to visit many places

Alida says she has a 7 year old child. And when she took Kira for a walk, many people were curious, is it dangerous to live with a wolf? And they also enjoyed taking pictures with Kira

Kira is now completely like a normal dog. It is very peaceful when living with children

Alida also said that in real life, people love Kira very much. But many people on social media were angry and scolded Alida for raising a dangerous wild animal.

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All image credits go to: she.s.a.wolf