A woman in Florida gives birth to a rare set of identical twins with Down syndrome

While the likelihood of having twins increased by 72 percent between 1980 and 2018, it is still quite rare. Twins account for approximately 33 of every 1,000 births.

What are the chances of having identical twins? Approximately three or four out of every 1,000 births are identical twins. So, once again, uncommon.

Savannah Combs, 23, was overjoyed when she learned she was expecting twins. Then she discovered another unusual fact: they both had Down syndrome.

Of course, it was heartbreaking news. Savannah and her husband, Justin Ackerman, were well aware that some people would judge her and her children because of their circumstances.

But that’s what makes them so valuable to Savannah.
“It’s very rare what they have, but they’ve been my little gems,” she told News4JAX.

Savannah, from Middleburg, Florida, shared her post-pregnancy journey on TikTok with her daughters Kennadi Rue and Mckenli Ackerman, where they quickly gained a following.

Savannah stated in one of her videos that she was told to abort her babies because they would not survive.
She chose to keep them and give them a chance.
 ”Every [prenatal] appointment they were alive was a blessing to me,” Savannah explained.

Her husband was away at boot camp when she discovered they both had Down syndrome.
Savannah was 29 weeks pregnant when she was admitted to the hospital, where she gave birth to her twin daughters. Kennadi Rue and Mckenli Ackerman, identical twin girls, were born on May 12, 2021.

The twins arrived two months early, so they had to spend several weeks in the NICU before coming home.

“They’re called mono di twins because they had their own sacs but shared the same placenta, which meant they were going to be identical,” she explained.
“Mo di twins as it is, it’s like very rare. And then you throw Down syndrome on top of it, it’s like one in 2 million.”

Savannah claims that despite their rare condition, they are just like any other child.
“They have feelings. They have a beating heart. They know how to talk. They know how to do things you do. They will get there,” she said.

“Like I said, it may be a step behind but they’re going to do it. I’ve learned these kids are feisty little things and happy little things.”

Savannah posts adorable updates on TikTok as each child continues to reach milestones.
“I’m going to let them know that they’re just like us and they’re going to get there as long as they put their minds to it.”

Nonetheless, some people feel compelled to criticize Savannah and her family. As a result, the young mother has had to respond to some truly insensitive social media users.

”I wouldn’t want those babies; if mine came out like that, they would be straight up for adoption,” one person wrote to the mother.
Savannah, on the other hand, had the perfect response, which she shared on Facebook.
“I said, good thing they weren’t born to you and were born to me. God knew what he was doing by giving these babies to the right parents who would love them regardless.”