A stray kitten with stunning eyes had her life turned around

If you encounter a stray kitten alone on the street, your first thought is to assist it. That is something that any compassionate person would do.

That’s exactly what happened when Betty H and her husband noticed a stray kitten with multicolored eyes strolling about outside their house.

They decided they needed to save the small stray kitten and, if possible, adopt her.

They quickly realized she was timid, despite being filthy and hungry. “We started leaving food and water to help her out and she began hanging around,” explained Betty.

They asked around, but no one came forward to claim the kitten, now named Fluffy, so they decided to rescue her after a few months.

They were already feeding her three times a day, and Betty would stay with her each time so Fluffy would get acclimated to her presence.

“At first, I was quiet. Once she got used to me being there without any hesitation, I began talking to Fluffy while she ate and drank,” Betty said. “Eventually, I attempted to pet her. It was really telling that she’d never had an owner.”

Fluffy eventually let Betty touch her, but she was hesitant; trust may be tough to establish, but Betty was patient.

Thankfully, Betty’s patience paid off, and Fluffy soon demanded attention and affection.

“Near the end of her time outside, she would actually want to be petted before eating. It really blew me away to see that from a stray,” said Betty.

Then something incredible happened: Fluffy trusted her humans enough to accompany them into their home, and she finally became a member of their family.

“I gave her the first bath she’d probably ever had. She had black spots on her nose and orange residue on her paws that seemed to refuse to wash away,” Betty added.

“She was missing patches of fur and had massive filthy knots in the fur she did have.”

Fluffy began to purr loudly after her wash, wrapped in a towel like a small burrito, which warmed Betty’s heart. “I’ve never heard a cat purr so loudly.

Later, when we took her to the vet, we learned that she had a series of issues — she had worms, a stomach infection, and ear mites.”

The kitten was nursed back to health by the couple, and she was given a haircut to remove all the knots and mats.

Lacie, their other cat, appreciated Fluffy’s company.

“They get along really well, and we have noticed that Lacie is more frisky now that Fluffy is with us.”

It’s wonderful to witness Fluffy grow into a happy and lively cat.

Video screenshot

Betty believes she acts like a puppy dog because she is constantly eager to play.

“Just like a dog, Fluffy is always waiting for any food that accidentally drops on the floor,” Betty said. “She will roll in the floor when she’s immensely happy and playful.”

Video screenshot

Fluffy adores watching bird television via the window. She enjoys her VIP lifestyle as a privileged indoor cat.

Fluffy appears to have found the perfect house and family to call her own.

See her change in the video below: