A senior dog abandoned by its owners after ten years is adopted by a new family

When you adopt a dog, you make the commitment to love them for the rest of their lives. This includes providing them with the best possible care as they age and develop health problems.

Unfortunately, some owners are not up to that responsibility and surrender their senior dogs to shelters after years of ownership. That was the case with a 15-year-old dog who was recently returned to the shelter.

But, thankfully, this poor old lady had a happy ending after a new family adopted her and gave her the second chance she deserved.

On August 7, the Pennsylvania SPCA shared a heartbreaking update about Netty, a dog who was adopted from their shelter ten years ago. Netty, a 15-year-old senior dog, was recently surrendered to the shelter after her owners claimed she was incontinent for the past decade.

Despite the owners’ obvious concern for her health, the SPCA said Netty was put on medication and was “doing wonderfully.” The incontinence was caused by a urinary tract infection, which was treated at their hospital, according to Newsweek.

Unfortunately, she was surrendered to the shelter, returning her to square one in her old age. The SPCA wrote, “This old gal is sitting in a shelter in what could be her final days.”

Despite the heartbreaking setback, the shelter was steadfast in its determination to find Netty a new home “where she can spend whatever time she has left.”

The Pennsylvania SPCA’s director of public relations, Gillian Kocher, told Newsweek that it was “heartbreaking” that Netty was surrendered and that the dog was “fairly depressed,” but they remained optimistic.

“Instead of focusing on what had happened to bring her back to us, we chose to focus on how we can give her the best final days.”

Senior dogs can have a difficult time finding new homes because adopters often want young puppies and don’t want the responsibilities and heartbreaks that come with taking in an older dog.

Fortunately, Netty soon found the perfect new family. Amy Kidd, owner of Pocopson Veterinary Station in West Chester and a small-pet vet, was moved by Netty’s story and knew it was meant to be.

Not only was she familiar with caring for senior pets, but Amy and her family had recently lost their own 12-year-old rescue dog to cancer, according to Newsweek.

The family drove to Philadelphia to pick up Netty, providing her with a loving new home in which to spend her final months and years.

Amy told Newsweek, “Our ultimate goal is to love and spoil her every day she has left,” Amy told Newsweek. “We know we don’t have years left with her, but she will be treated like the queen she is from now on.”

Netty has settled in nicely in her new home. She has her own giant teddy bear to play with, as well as other dogs and cats. “She immediately fell asleep on the couch with my daughter surrounded by our six house cats.”

And the Pennsylvania SPCA was overjoyed to see Netty find a new forever home.

“We can’t thank everyone enough for spreading the word to help make this happen, and especially to Netty’s family for giving her the best final days,” they wrote on Facebook.