A mother sloth reunites with her baby who fell out of tree in a heartwarming moment

An employee of the Costa Rican Jaguar Rescue Center was on the beach one day examining a report regarding an injured animal.

When he was about to return to the center, he heard a crying baby mixed with the sound of the waves. It was a newborn sloth that was lying on the sand.

According to Noelia, another staff member at Jaguar Rescue Center, “He heard the cry and immediately recognized it was a baby sloth (their cry is like a whistle).”

Noelia said that the baby observed his mother on the tree, but she was returning to the top. The baby probably dropped from his mother and cried to get her attention, but she probably didn’t hear him because of all the commotion at the beach.

To make sure the tiny sloth wasn’t wounded during the fall, the Jaguar Rescue Center personnel checked him.

They gave him some water and some rest time because he seemed healthy, albeit a bit sluggish. They estimated that he was just a few weeks old based on his size, and they also began developing a strategy to reunite him with his mother.

They recorded the baby sloth’s screams and used speakers to play it at the beach in search of the mother sloth.

In order to get the mother sloth’s attention so she may start to go down the tree, they played the baby’s cries. The infant was also brought back to the beach for the reunion.

The mother sloth eventually got close enough to the baby sloth after nearly two hours of waiting at the foot of the tree for her to take him back. The tender reunion brought everyone in the area to tears.

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Noelia said, “It was an emotional moment for all of us, and we hope this mom and baby [do] stay safe. It melts our hearts every time we can witness the reunion of a mom and her baby.”

Although it initially appeared that the mother sloth was unaware that her baby had fallen, the two are now back together owing to the rescuers’ intelligent thinking!

Video Sloth thanks for rescue: