A mother dog cuddles up with an abandoned newborn baby in the cold to save her life

Dogs are such loving, devoted creatures. They are always taking care of others, especially infants and children.

They take care of a small child because of some aspect of their instinctive protectiveness. In fact, a mother dog was discovered last month with an abandoned baby, keeping her warm in the bitter weather.

Locals in the Indian region of Chhattisgarh discovered the infant in a field after hearing her scream, according to SWNS. The infant was nude and still had the umbilical chord connected, suggesting that her parents may have abandoned her.

She wasn’t alone, though; the villagers discovered her with a mother dog and her puppies who appeared to be keeping the newborn warm by lying next to her during the course of the night. The onlookers came to the conclusion that the dog’s maternal instincts probably saved the child’s life during the nighttime temperature decrease.

One unnamed resident told SWNS, “It’s possibly the warmth from puppies and their mother itself who had kept this new born alive.” The infant, now known as Akanksha, was transferred to the hospital for a doctor’s examination after officers were dispatched to the site to handle the situation.

The infant’s negligent parents are now the subject of a criminal inquiry; according to a local man called Premnath, “They are not parents, they are criminals.” Even though the circumstance is tragic, the fact that the baby survived at all is a miracle because of this devoted mother dog.

“It is a miracle only to find new born baby surviving when stray dogs are lurking every now and then at the dead of the night.”

Watch the video:

What a wonder. Thank God for the dog, who kept the helpless baby warm and alive during the chilly night.