A miracle occurs after a grieving mother prays for her accident-declared dead son

La’Kisha Wells and her family were experiencing everything happily and thought they had “made it.”

They bought their first house, all of their children did well in school, and they had a successful business and jobs they enjoyed.

The family credited God for all of these favors. In addition, Torianto “Junior” Brinson, Wells’ 15-year-old son, was declared dead following a tragic vehicle accident, but she claims that God miraculously brought him back to life.

Wells said FOX 10 Phoenix: “One minute after it happened, my daughter called me, and she was hysterical. ‘Mom, you need to get here now.’ So, they were literally around the corner from the house. So, we drove on the street. Had to get out of the car, run, and saw him lying there.”


Four emergency personnel rushed to the location and made fruitless attempts to save the teen who was not breathing.

Brinson was then flown by Life Flight urgently to the Texas Medical Center. However, the hospital informed Wells that they were powerless to save her son anymore.


She said: “I remember asking them, ‘You’re just going to let my baby just sit here?’.

So, when her son was declared dead, she made the decision to trust God with the decision and started praying over his corpse.


Wells said: “I was holding his hand and I prayed and told him, ‘Junior, I need you!’ A minute later, I saw his hand move.”

Then, Brinson was admitted right away for surgery on his traumatic brain injury.

Brinson lived, although he spent several months in a semi-coma. He was finding it tough to move. And he needed two individuals to support him when he walked.


But now that things are considerably better, Brinson has even resumed playing basketball.

Brian Wells, Wells’ husband, said: “It gets hard some days to think about the past, but to see where he is at now, it gives you a little more excitement for him.”


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According to Wells, she made the decision to share her experience in the hope that it might encourage others to trust in God’s faithfulness.

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