A firefighter saves a stray kitten from a sewer and later adopts him

We appreciate hearing about folks who go above and beyond to aid animals in need. When animals become trapped in difficult-to-reach areas, good samaritans come to their aid.

Some go much further, providing a caring home for these rescued creatures. That was the situation for one firefighter after rescuing a kitten from a storm drain.

A woman named Stephanie reported hearing the sound of a cat weeping coming from the sewer, according to a Facebook post from the charity group Iowa STARS for Animals.

The kitten was stuck for four days, according to The Dodo, and no one was able to approach him. But then Tyson Hood, a lieutenant with the local fire department, saw the story on Facebook and offered to assist.

Tyson admitted that he had little expertise with cats and had been informed that the kitten would be terrified of him, but he couldn’t help but try to save the imprisoned kitten.

“I’m a bit of a sucker for animals in distress,” Tyson told The Dodo.

Stephanie, who had been feeding the kitten while he was stuck, pointed out the location to Tyson, and the firemen went to work. He lifted the grating, and they used tuna to lure the kitten out of the tunnel.

The kitten recognized the trap, but he ate the tuna long enough for Tyson to cover the tunnel with a net, keeping the cat from fleeing and allowing Tyson to catch him.

Despite his initial anxiety, the cat warmed up to his rescuers quickly. “As soon as he was out of the sewer and in a safe space, he was an absolute lover — nonstop cuddles,” Tyson said.

“After that smelly little monster loved all over me, I sort of fell for him.”

Tyson, on the other hand, was not looking for a new pet, so Stephanie took him in. According to Iowa STARS, the scenario did not work out because Stephanie “thought he wasn’t a suitable fit for her family.”

Stephanie contacted Tyson to ask if he would adopt the cat, and the firefighter surrendered, unable to resist his attachment to the tiny kitten.

Tyson has now adopted the kitten, whom he has called “Walnut” after the street where he was discovered.
It’s inspirational that Tyson gave Walnut a home after saving his life, and the two have remained together ever since.

Tyson told The Dodo, “I fully believe he must have had some sort of emotional imprint of good times cuddling on my shoulders because that’s the only place he wants to be if I’m sitting still,” Tyson told The Dodo. “He purrs like a chainsaw and headbutts like a rhinoceros and for some reason insists on sleeping splayed across my neck.”

“I feel like we understand each other, and we both had a pretty darn good day when our paths crossed.”

It was a very joyful ending, one that was obviously predestined. Tyson was recognized by Iowa STARS for his generous gestures.

“The fact that a firefighter adopted a small kitten he rescued out of a storm sewer is truly heart warming,” the nonprofit wrote. “I hope those folks who work in fire and law enforcement occupations do this more often. Tyson is a fantastic role model of toughness mixed with a lot of compassion for this tiny precious life.”

“‘Congratulations’ Tyson on your new kitten. Happy Trails to you and Walnut,” they added, while encouraging people to rescue pets and “adopt, not shop.”