A 9 year old boy feeds stray dogs with money from his pocket and then raises money to open an animal shelter

While the majority of people are inconsiderate when it comes to animals in need, some are willing to assist those helpless animals.

And when a 9-year-old boy says this, it’s truly inspirational! Most children of this age undoubtedly spend their pocket money on treats like cookies or candy, but Ken Amante chose to donate it to the Philippines’ poor stray dogs in his area.

Fortunately, the young boy’s act of compassion wasn’t ignored. After his amazing story went viral, many people all across the world wanted to show this little hero some of their kindness.

The ambition of the 9-year-old boy of opening a refuge for all those unfortunate animals came true thanks to the enormous funds that were gathered. Being incredibly polite and humble by nature, nobody initially knew of Ken’s behavior.

However, after observing that his son usually leaves the house with a backpack full of food, his father decided to follow him one day. However, the sight he encountered a few blocks away left him speechless.

His infant was encircled by a pack of stray dogs, who were all wagging their tails and hoping their human buddy would share some food with them. The delighted father snapped a picture of his baby and later posted it on Reddit.

And there’s where everything begun! “My son has been feeding stray dogs in the neighborhood for about two weeks now,” the man wrote. “Today I tagged along.” It didn’t take too long until the heartwarming story made waves across the Internet and Ken became famous for his kindness. 

Animal rights activists from around the world gave him a lot of support, and happily, he soon created The Happy Animals Club, a refuge.

“I always loved animals, even when I was young. I was fond of them even when I was small,” the boy told HNGN. “I was fond of them even when I was small.”

“My parents told me that before I could even talk, I was already sleeping with my dad’s cat, Hajime-kun.” Asked about the shelter he founded, Ken said that was his dream since he was just a little baby boy.

Since it first launched in 2014, Ken’s sanctuary has saved and helped hundreds of animals. All stray animals in the neighborhood are also fed by them. What a brave little fellow!

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