A 25-year-old man rescues five kids from a burning house

The moment Nicholas Bostic dragged a 6-year-old out of the Indiana blazing home was recorded on a police officer’s body camera.

Five children were promptly rescued from a burning house after it caught fire early on Monday by a man from Lafayette, Indiana.

The 25-year-old Nicholas Bostic was running out of the house carrying a 6-year-old child to safety when a police officer wearing a camera arrived on the scene. 

Bostic told authorities that he spotted the house on fire while passing it in his car. He pulled over and ran inside the house, where he found 4 children, ranging in ages 1 to 18.

Bostic said that he assisted them in fleeing, but after doing so, he went back into the house after learning there might have been a 6-year-old left there. According to him, a girl was downstairs when he heard a child sobbing. He took her to the second floor, broke a window and leaped out, freeing the girl’s leg that had become tangled in some blinds.

In bodycam video released by LPD, Bostic is seen bringing the child around the side of the burning house and passing them off to emergency personnel before receiving medical attention on a nearby grass.

“Nicholas Bostic’s heroic actions saved lives. His selflessness during this incident is inspiring, and he has impressed many with his courage, tenacity, and steadfast calmness in the face of such perilous danger,” the Lafayette Police Department stated.

The kids weren’t wounded, but Bostic got cut on his arm and inhaled a lot of smoke. He will be honored during National Night Out at a Lafayette Aviators minor league baseball game next month.

Watch the following video: