A 16-year-old boy drives into a blazing barn to save 14 Clydesdale horses

Clydedale horses are among the most stunning creatures in the planet. These enormous, strong horses may be found laboring on fields, marching in parades, and even appearing in Budweiser ads.

However, a few years back, a herd of Clydesdale horses nearly died after being caught in a barn fire, but saved owing to the fast thinking of one juvenile hero.

Lightning struck Classic City Clydesdales, a horse farm near Bishop, Georgia, around 2 a.m. in 2016. “It shook the whole house,” owner Shannon Martin told WKYC. “One minute I am in bed. The next minute I am standing up next to the bed trying to figure out what bomb went off.”

It not only woke the family up in the middle of the night, but it also almost created a tragic disaster: the lightning started a barn fire, trapping their 14 Clydesdale horses — including a 3-week-old foal — inside.

The fire was rapidly growing, and the family needed to act quickly. Sadly, the barn doors were locked. They didn’t have time to look for the key, and the electricity had gone out.

However, an unusual hero rescued the day in an unexpected way: the owners’ 16-year-old son, Macon, who drove their John Deer Gator utility vehicle directly into the entrance.

“I just ran right out. I had no clothes on, no shoes, no nothing,” Macon told WKYC. “I just jumped in our Gator and I just ran it right into the door.”

It was an impromptu, spur-of-the-moment plot, like something out of an action movie – yet it succeeded. He slammed the door open, allowing them to liberate the Clydesdales before they were consumed by the flames.

“He busted through like Rambo and opened up the end of the stalls and said, ‘Mom, this way,’ ” Shannon said. “And we were able to push the horses out that way.”

Unfortunately, they were unable to preserve the farm itself, which apparently burnt down. The family stated that they would have to “start over” and restore their farm “brick by brick.”

The essential thing, of course, was that the horses survived. The owners stated that their Clydesdales will be participating in parades and other activities. They also stated that one of their horses, Phoebe, was expecting a foal shortly.

A whole slew of lovely horses, all safe and healthy due to this quick-thinking adolescent.