70 horses were saved from slaughter by country singer Willie Nelson

Willie Nelson, a prominent country singer, songwriter, producer, poet, author, and activist, is also a passionate advocate for horse welfare. In addition to his contributions to the arts and music industry, he owns a 700-acre property called Luck Ranch, which is home to over 70 horses, demonstrating his deep love and commitment to these animals.

Luck Ranch, a 700-acre property located in Spicewood, Texas, is home to over 70 horses, most of which were rescued by country singer and activist Willie Nelson. If not for Nelson’s efforts, these horses may have ended up at a slaughterhouse. The ranch, situated in Texas hill country, provides ample open space for the horses to roam freely.

Nelson is known to consider the horses at Luck Ranch to be some of the luckiest horses in the world. Over the course of several years, he rescued and brought them to the ranch where they now enjoy the freedom to roam around in the ample open space. The horses are hand-fed twice a day and Nelson has famously said, “When you’re here, you’re in luck, and when you’re not, you’re out of luck,” about his cherished ranch.

Nelson’s passion for horses is not only shown through his rescue efforts, but also through his music. In 1989, he released a song called ‘A Horse Called Music’ and in 2015, he produced a video titled ‘The Love of Horses’, which won the People’s Silver Telly Award.