214-year-old clam in Florida has been given the name “Aber-clam Lincoln”

In Florida, a clam that has been nicknamed ‘Aber-clam Lincoln’ has been found, and its age is astonishing. It’s amazing to contemplate the longevity of certain animals that far outlast the lifespan of any human. This discovery has left people in awe as this marine creature is believed to be 214 years old.

To put this in perspective, the clam’s birth year is 1809, the same year as Abraham Lincoln, which led to its nickname “Aber-clam Lincoln.” The discovery was made by Blaine Parker, an Americorps member who was collecting shellfish at Alligator Point in Florida for a chowder. Despite the clam’s impressive size of 2.6 pounds, much larger than usual, Blaine decided not to cook it as he sensed it was a unique specimen. According to the Tallahassee Democrat, this quahog clam is centuries old.